Modarri was honored to take a spin with the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery (the MOD) for Family Fun Night last Friday. Highlights included Modarri toy car assembly, car decorating and special test drives. Check out the fun & get inspired!

Building the Cars

The evening began with car assembly. The parts for different Modarri toy cars are interchangeable, so we let participants get creative: We broke cars down beforehand and prepared buckets of tires, frames and other components. Children built hybrids of Modarri Street Cars, Track Cars and Dirt Cars.


Each person received a Modarri hex tool for building. Many participants were younger than our suggested 8+, but that wasn’t a problem. We loved seeing young scientists using hex tools for the first time!

Wild Rides: The Racetrack and Volcano

Kids had some supercool options for driving inside the museum. Here are the MOD–Modarri Racetrack and a glowing volcano! Both paper mache structures were built for the car party by museum volunteer Mike Maraldo.


City Driving: The Miniature Santa Cruz

If you build it, they will play! Art class participants at the museum built foam board buildings to represent homes and some classic local businesses in Santa Cruz, such as O’Neill Surf Shop and Gayle’s Bakery. Some buildings thank sponsors for the evening, including Couch Potato of Soquel and Whole Foods Market of Capitola.


And Everyone’s a Winner

Kids were SO proud of their cars. Santa Cruz photographer Priscila Morris lent her services to take photos in the black-and-white-checkered Winners Circle. Visit her website to see the happy makers!

Host a Car Party

Contact us about hosting your own Modarri car party! Party packs are available for museum events, scout troops, birthday celebrations and so forth. We’d also be happy to share some planning tips.