LEGO® People…It’s a perfect fit!

It’s a whisper on the street!  LEGO® People are a perfect fit for Modarri cars.

Carol at shared her son’s discovery. He’s cruising around with his LEGO friend Emmet in Modarri cars!


When another picture of LEGO People cruising in our cars was sent by more Modarri fans, that’s when we knew we just had to share. While this was a lucky accident, it’s wonderful to see open-ended play in action and what could be better than seeing Modarri can crossover into other areas of play and imagination. Keep sharing the creativity! We love it!

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Fun DIY Fact: Modarri Parts Fit REAL Cars

Who knew? Modarri toy car wheels are compatible with full-sized vehicles. Ty Ricklick made this discovery when his radio’s volume knob wandered off.


Ty, thanks so much for sharing. Sorry somebody stole your volume knob… but your DIY thinking saved the day!

How to Build a Modarri Car – Watch a thirty-second video demo.

Road Trip Music! – Turn up the volume for our first Spotify playlist.

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Fan Car Photos #2

This week’s Modarri fan photo highlights come from charming Chadlington, Oxfordshire and our beachside hometown of Santa Cruz, California.

The Chadlington Collection

Jasper Eaton, age nine, maintains an extensive Modarri collection in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, England. In his collection we saw two versions each of the S1 Street Car, T1 Track Car and X1 Dirt Car.

He’s grateful to his grandpa for the holiday gift of cars! And we’re thankful for these fan photos.


Modarri Combo Pack

Here at Modarri, we love to see where fans are driving. We crave a drive on the Chadlington cobblestone. Talk about “Feel the Road!”

Chadlington is more than 1000 years old. It has Gothic architecture from the 1400s, which you can see in the background. Scholars figure the village was named for Saint Chad, who’s been nicknamed the patron saint of political disputes. He did have a dramatic political life. Fun what you learn in the car biz…

Santa Cruz Beach Cruiser

Sara Birns is a UI/UX designer in Santa Cruz. She designed the graphic layout for Modarri car packaging! She also surprised us with a very beachy art car.

Mini art car by Sara Birns

Miniature art car

Birns painted the fender with opalescent nailpolish, which can’t decide if it’s green or purple. She added bling in seafoam and sparkly greens.

This customized car is yet to be named. When asked what ideas she was considering, the artist said, “Hulk, Sparkle Clover and Reptar.”

Thank you, Sara and Jasper! Happy driving.

Share Your Modarri Toy Car Photos

Share your Modarri designs and special car modifications! Tag your Twitter , Facebook or Instagram pictures with #ModarriDIY for a chance to have yours featured here.

Fan Car Photos #1

What do toddlers, gamers and grandpas have in common? Modarri! Here are selected fan photos from the past week.

Modarri at Mythic Games in Santa Cruz, California

Mythic Games is the place to play Warhammer, Infinity and other role playing games in Santa Cruz. Turns out, our toy cars are perfectly scaled for Infinity miniature soldiers and their terrain!

These photos from Mythic Games owner Reuben Timineri show a Modarri S1 Street Car. It was handpainted by local artist Joe Lai.

Modarri S1 Street Car at Mythic Games


Modarri toy car painted by Joe Lai

The Rainbow Car

A toddler requested a rainbow Modarri from her dad. Here’s the pro result!

Rainbow car paint by Mike Maraldo - Modarri S1

The artist, Mike Maraldo, is a volunteer art teacher with the new Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery (SCCMOD) at the Capitola Mall. Obviously this guy has skills to share!

Grandpa’s Auto Theft

Dorene Dawson tagged us in this Instagram picture. She wrote, “Very happy Grandpa with his first #Modarri car. He stole it from Tyler during the white elephant exchange at our reunion tonight! Haha! My dad is hilarious! He can’t wait to build it and play with it.”

Instagram DMamaDawson - Grandpa steals toy car in white elephant gift exchange

Love that look in his eyes. Sure, he stole from a kid… but he has a Modarri.

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It’s a WIN! Modarri wins Top Toy 2014 from Creative Child Magazine

creativechildsmagazine_toptoyaward_badge2014_0Yahooooo!  We recently received news that Modarri was selected for the 2014 Top Toy of the Year and Preferred Choice Awards from Creative Child Magazine!  Both awards are in the Kids Builder Construction Race Car Toys category. We are especially touched by this award since the winners are selected by children, parents and educators. Brian Gulassa, Modarri’s Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, said it best: “This means a lot to me to have people’s reactions who actually have tried it. It’s like a movie premier; you just don’t know how people are going to react even if you believe in your product.” Modarri_3-Pack-cars-w-retail-pkg_LR1 creativechild_logo
Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms, music educators and early education professionals. Products are not reviewed by any one person but by many working together.