LEGO® People…It’s a perfect fit!

It’s a whisper on the street!  LEGO® People are a perfect fit for Modarri cars.

Carol at shared her son’s discovery. He’s cruising around with his LEGO friend Emmet in Modarri cars!


When another picture of LEGO People cruising in our cars was sent by more Modarri fans, that’s when we knew we just had to share. While this was a lucky accident, it’s wonderful to see open-ended play in action and what could be better than seeing Modarri can crossover into other areas of play and imagination. Keep sharing the creativity! We love it!

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Durable AND Trendy! Modarri Fits Top Toy Trends of 2015

New York, NY — The Toy Industry Association (TIA) has announced their list of top trends for toys in 2015. In a seminar for toy industry media and buyers on Sunday, TIA stressed three trends that are second nature to Modarri: open-ended play, smart play and the Maker Movement. These trends are based on TIA’s interviews with hundreds of toy companies around the world. Here’s a look at the toy trends and how Modarri fits in.


Open-Ended Play

Adrienne Appell, TIA’s trend expert, announced that “Open-ended forms of play will reign supreme in 2015, with an abundance of toys and games that allow kids to build, customize, create, and develop important skills through play.”

Modarri is all about open-ended play: Build a Modarri toy car, break it down, build it a new way. Each car is at least five-in-one. With the addition of our new tires and new cars this spring, tens of millions of combinations are possible!


Smart Play – Art & Science

Smart play refers to playing with toys in the STEAM category. These teach science, tech, engineering, arts and math. Some examples are preschool learning toys, toys that teach second languages or coding skills, and Modarri cars!

In addition to engineering our toy cars, Modarri owners can paint them for a custom look. The Modarri DIY Car model is meant especially for this purpose. A classic “art class example” is this Mondrian DIY car by Margo Mullen.

DIY & the Maker Movement

Play is preparation for life – and life is better when you can do stuff yourself! The Modarri hex tool helps provide a great introduction to tinkering. Modarri is also excited about the increasing affordability of 3D printers. Ultimately, fans will be able to 3D print customized Modarri toy car parts and accessories.

When the recession hit awhile back, grown-ups increasingly chose do-it-yourself options whether they wanted household repairs or were giving gifts. Now DIY is a way of life for more people, even when not doing yourself is affordable. This trend is reflected in sales of kids’ toys. TIA reports that the “Building Sets” and “Arts & Crafts” categories of the toy industry grew by 13% and 3% respectively in 2014 according to sales data.

More Toy Trends for 2015

Another trend named by TIA this year has been dubbed Mini Madness. This trend encompasses tiny toys that are perfect for on-the-go play. Modarri can relate!

Other toy trends for the year are aquatic-themed toys, tech toys, and a longtime favorite: dinosaur toys.

Coverage of TIA’s presentation can viewed at ToyFairNY.orgSome of Modarri’s favorites from this year’s NY Toy Fair can be seen on Pinterest.

Car Party! Modarri Night at the Children’s Museum


Modarri was honored to take a spin with the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery (the MOD) for Family Fun Night last Friday. Highlights included Modarri toy car assembly, car decorating and special test drives. Check out the fun & get inspired!

Building the Cars

The evening began with car assembly. The parts for different Modarri toy cars are interchangeable, so we let participants get creative: We broke cars down beforehand and prepared buckets of tires, frames and other components. Children built hybrids of Modarri Street Cars, Track Cars and Dirt Cars.


Each person received a Modarri hex tool for building. Many participants were younger than our suggested 8+, but that wasn’t a problem. We loved seeing young scientists using hex tools for the first time!

Wild Rides: The Racetrack and Volcano

Kids had some supercool options for driving inside the museum. Here are the MOD–Modarri Racetrack and a glowing volcano! Both paper mache structures were built for the car party by museum volunteer Mike Maraldo.


City Driving: The Miniature Santa Cruz

If you build it, they will play! Art class participants at the museum built foam board buildings to represent homes and some classic local businesses in Santa Cruz, such as O’Neill Surf Shop and Gayle’s Bakery. Some buildings thank sponsors for the evening, including Couch Potato of Soquel and Whole Foods Market of Capitola.


And Everyone’s a Winner

Kids were SO proud of their cars. Santa Cruz photographer Priscila Morris lent her services to take photos in the black-and-white-checkered Winners Circle. Visit her website to see the happy makers!

Host a Car Party

Contact us about hosting your own Modarri car party! Party packs are available for museum events, scout troops, birthday celebrations and so forth. We’d also be happy to share some planning tips.

Name That Flag! Modarri World Distribution, March 2015

Did you know? You can drive your Modarri in the US, the UK or anywhere with ease! Forget the old left/right paradigm… A Modarri driver steers from the middle of the car with comfort and a clear view.

Nine countries now have Modarri distributors. Their flags are shown here. Can you identify the places? Scroll down for the answers.

Flags of Countries with Official Modarri Distributors


Answers: Countries with Official Modarri Distributors

1. United States
2. Mexico
3. Canada
4. Russia
5. Japan
6. Germany
7. United Kingdom
8. Switzerland
9. Singapore
Exports to many more countries are coming soon! To sell Modarri toy cars in your shop, call or email our team.

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New Modarri X1 Camo Car Can’t Hide at Toy Fair

New York, NY – A new Modarri toy car has just hit Manhattan! The modular X1 Camo Car, set to ship in May 2015, is being shown off this long weekend at the North American International Toy Fair. The easy-to-build toy comes with real suspensionpatented finger-steering, and a camouflage print to spark the imagination.


Modarri car designer Brian Gulassa explained, “Here our X1 Dirt Car gets a camo paint job. The finger steering puts kids in the driver’s seat, which really encourages imaginative play. Take a jungle safari, be a forest ranger, go undercover as a spy!”

Demonstrating the product to Toy Fair attendees, Gulassa showed off the car’s unique steering and bouncy suspension. Then he broke it down – literally. Using a color-coordinated hex tool, he released the wheels, seat, and other components from the Camo Car’s chassis. “Now we can rebuild the parts several different ways, or combine them with parts from other Modarris.”

Tens of millions of hybrid cars will be possible when the new X1 and other Modarri products are released in May. The X1 Camo Car, the new S1 Beach Cruzer, and a special accessory pack are now under production. The X1 Camo Car will sell for $19.95.

Feel the Road! –

New Modarri S1 Beach Cruzer Unveiled at Toy Fair

New York, NY — February 14, 2015 — The finish on this new Modarri is barely dry, but the car is already being test driven in New York. ThoughtFull Toys unveiled the new S1 Beach Cruzer this morning at the 112th North American International Toy Fair.


Set to hit shelves this May, the S1 Beach Cruzer is a summery ride inspired by Modarri’s hometown of Santa Cruz, California. It boasts real suspension, patented finger-steering, and a racing stripe of Pacific Coast hibiscus.

Recommended for Drivers 8+

A Modarri spokeswoman stated, “The car appeals to drivers with a style that’s laid-back yet hints at success — living the California dream! Still, at $19.95 it’s attainable to those ages 8 and up.”

The STEM Connection

The car not only encourages imaginative play, but is also an introduction to science and building. It arrives with a color-coordinated hex tool. Break down the car and rebuild it different ways! This toy alone can be rebuilt into five cars. Combined with the entire Modarri collection, it helps make millions of hybrids possible.

Part of the Modarri S1 Collection

The Beach Cruzer builds upon an award-winning S1 series. Electric blue and black Modarri S1 Street Cars hit streets in 2014. The gray Modarri DIY Car for artists is also an S1.

Feel the Road! –

It’s a WIN! Modarri wins Top Toy 2014 from Creative Child Magazine

creativechildsmagazine_toptoyaward_badge2014_0Yahooooo!  We recently received news that Modarri was selected for the 2014 Top Toy of the Year and Preferred Choice Awards from Creative Child Magazine!  Both awards are in the Kids Builder Construction Race Car Toys category. We are especially touched by this award since the winners are selected by children, parents and educators. Brian Gulassa, Modarri’s Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, said it best: “This means a lot to me to have people’s reactions who actually have tried it. It’s like a movie premier; you just don’t know how people are going to react even if you believe in your product.” Modarri_3-Pack-cars-w-retail-pkg_LR1 creativechild_logo
Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms, music educators and early education professionals. Products are not reviewed by any one person but by many working together.