New York, NY — The Toy Industry Association (TIA) has announced their list of top trends for toys in 2015. In a seminar for toy industry media and buyers on Sunday, TIA stressed three trends that are second nature to Modarri: open-ended play, smart play and the Maker Movement. These trends are based on TIA’s interviews with hundreds of toy companies around the world. Here’s a look at the toy trends and how Modarri fits in.


Open-Ended Play

Adrienne Appell, TIA’s trend expert, announced that “Open-ended forms of play will reign supreme in 2015, with an abundance of toys and games that allow kids to build, customize, create, and develop important skills through play.”

Modarri is all about open-ended play: Build a Modarri toy car, break it down, build it a new way. Each car is at least five-in-one. With the addition of our new tires and new cars this spring, tens of millions of combinations are possible!


Smart Play – Art & Science

Smart play refers to playing with toys in the STEAM category. These teach science, tech, engineering, arts and math. Some examples are preschool learning toys, toys that teach second languages or coding skills, and Modarri cars!

In addition to engineering our toy cars, Modarri owners can paint them for a custom look. The Modarri DIY Car model is meant especially for this purpose. A classic “art class example” is this Mondrian DIY car by Margo Mullen.

DIY & the Maker Movement

Play is preparation for life – and life is better when you can do stuff yourself! The Modarri hex tool helps provide a great introduction to tinkering. Modarri is also excited about the increasing affordability of 3D printers. Ultimately, fans will be able to 3D print customized Modarri toy car parts and accessories.

When the recession hit awhile back, grown-ups increasingly chose do-it-yourself options whether they wanted household repairs or were giving gifts. Now DIY is a way of life for more people, even when not doing yourself is affordable. This trend is reflected in sales of kids’ toys. TIA reports that the “Building Sets” and “Arts & Crafts” categories of the toy industry grew by 13% and 3% respectively in 2014 according to sales data.

More Toy Trends for 2015

Another trend named by TIA this year has been dubbed Mini Madness. This trend encompasses tiny toys that are perfect for on-the-go play. Modarri can relate!

Other toy trends for the year are aquatic-themed toys, tech toys, and a longtime favorite: dinosaur toys.

Coverage of TIA’s presentation can viewed at ToyFairNY.orgSome of Modarri’s favorites from this year’s NY Toy Fair can be seen on Pinterest.