Maker genius strikes again! With access to a 3D printer and shared files, now you can print a working five-speed transmission and engine. This video from maker and car aficionado Eric Harrell shows a transmission for a Toyota 22RE engine printed to about 1:3 scale.

Full-scale, the Toyota 22RE engine was produced from 1981 through 1997. It’s found in vehicles such as the Celica, 4Runner and Corona.

Of course, this plastic version can’t handle gasoline. Go green! We suggest patented Modarri finger-steering.


Download the files The Toyota transmission file can be downloaded from MakerBot as Thingiverse item number 713815. The engine is file number 644933.

3D Printed Modarri Gear Rack How about 1:32 scale? Check out a Modarri fan’s 3D-printed car modification!