Are mermaids real?

While navigating the Caribbean, Columbus reported seeing three “female forms” that “rose high out of the sea, but were not as beautiful as they are represented.”

Like most historians, we think he was mistaken. Mermaids are as beautiful as the legends say!

Mermaid Drives a Modarri

Shown here is a mermaid relaxing at Cowell’s Beach in Santa Cruz, California. She drives the Treasure, a Modarri DIY custom painted by local artist Tiffany Wells.

Said the mermaid, “I really connected with Tif. Just like me, she has roots in Hawaii and Santa Cruz. We first met ages ago when she owned a tattoo parlor. I chickened out of my appointment and we lost touch, but recently I saw her paintings at Artisan’s Gallery. I was drawn to her color palette: lots of turquoise and aquamarine.”

About the Artist & Her Car

The driver’s words resonated with Wells. She told Modarri, “I feel a deep connection with the water spirit. I was born in Hawaii and was a Nirvana baby — like on the Nirvana album cover, just throw me into the water! I grew up across the street from the ocean.”

Wells, who has a degree in animation, added, “Mermaids show up in lots of my art, not only for their connection with the sea, but for the anatomy. You can feel energy with anatomy, with the poses in a painting.”

“For the car, I wanted to create something that a girl would love to drive. When I was a kid, my dad gave me a Tonka truck instead of a doll. I really think that was a benefit. And these days, it’s even more important for girls to play with trucks or Modarri cars. Girls need to learn what boys are learning.”

The car name “Treasure” has a double meaning. First, the one-of-a-kind creation has sentimental value to the artist. Second, there’s a connection to cash: Renaissance-style filigrees and cross-hatching on the Modarri DIY are inspired by designs on the US dollar bill.

Tiffany’s Treasure will be on display at the New York Toy Fair from February 14-17, 2015 in booth 1974.

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