We love woodie cars. When it’s true love, you can’t explain why… but maybe it’s the sheen of the lacquer. The hyponotic swirl of the wood grain. The feeling of yesteryear.

Woodie cars first appeared in the 1930s. The originals feature real hardwood frames. For safety reasons though, many woodie cars on the road today only have wooden exteriors; steel replaces the hardwood construction.

This picture of a 1937 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon is courtesy of Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden:


Thanks to Santa Cruz artist and animator Tiffany Wells, there’s a woodie in the Modarri fleet!

Wells began with the blank canvas of a Modarri DIY Car. Her acrylic artistry extends from the hood to the boot; she even painted the wheel wells to match.


Modarri DIY Car shop

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