Modarri_Shark_handpainted_toy_carSanta Cruz, CA — A mystery man recently rolled into town. Cruising down Highway 1 each morning, he and his custom-painted Modarri DIY car are the newest local attraction.

This driver was born for the sea: His sleek car has shark teeth. His hair has waves. He’s permanently attached to a telescope.

But is he a pirate? A surfer? He’s a mystery wrapped in a Modarri.

His one local connection is artist Heather Robyn Matthews, aka Heather Glass. She created his Modarri Shark in early February.

“I’m not sure what to make of him,” Matthews told us. “He’s a surfer, but he’s a pirate too. He’s an unusual mix of laid-back and really intense… He wanted his Modarri DIY painted rather quickly for a toy fair in New York.”

The car is part of a miniature DIY car fleet created by artists in the Santa Cruz, California area. The collection of about 10 vehicles was recently displayed at the 112th annual North American International Toy Fair in New York City.


Matthews generously painted the stranger’s car for free. It’s not her usual sort of work. Professionally she’s worked as a glass artist since 1979 — hence her business name Heather Glass.

And the driver’s name? The artist told us, “I call him Pirate Surfer Steve, but that’s just because he resembles my neighbor Steve. I really don’t know his name.”

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