Did you know? You can drive your Modarri in the US, the UK or anywhere with ease! Forget the old left/right paradigm… A Modarri driver steers from the middle of the car with comfort and a clear view.

Nine countries now have Modarri distributors. Their flags are shown here. Can you identify the places? Scroll down for the answers.

Flags of Countries with Official Modarri Distributors


Answers: Countries with Official Modarri Distributors

1. United States
2. Mexico
3. Canada
4. Russia
5. Japan
6. Germany
7. United Kingdom
8. Switzerland
9. Singapore
Exports to many more countries are coming soon! To sell Modarri toy cars in your shop, call or email our team.

– See more at: http://modarri.com/blog/name-that-flag#sthash.rwX2UNsP.dpuf