New York, NY – A new Modarri toy car has just hit Manhattan! The modular X1 Camo Car, set to ship in May 2015, is being shown off this long weekend at the North American International Toy Fair. The easy-to-build toy comes with real suspensionpatented finger-steering, and a camouflage print to spark the imagination.


Modarri car designer Brian Gulassa explained, “Here our X1 Dirt Car gets a camo paint job. The finger steering puts kids in the driver’s seat, which really encourages imaginative play. Take a jungle safari, be a forest ranger, go undercover as a spy!”

Demonstrating the product to Toy Fair attendees, Gulassa showed off the car’s unique steering and bouncy suspension. Then he broke it down – literally. Using a color-coordinated hex tool, he released the wheels, seat, and other components from the Camo Car’s chassis. “Now we can rebuild the parts several different ways, or combine them with parts from other Modarris.”

Tens of millions of hybrid cars will be possible when the new X1 and other Modarri products are released in May. The X1 Camo Car, the new S1 Beach Cruzer, and a special accessory pack are now under production. The X1 Camo Car will sell for $19.95.

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